Weill Cornell Medical College

Christie's 3D immersive technology at Weill Cornell Medical College enables visionary breakthroughs in biomedical research. Using a four surface immersive environment including a walk-on floor gives Weill Cornell Superior 3D images for scientific research including molecular modeling, MRI and confocal reconstructions and gene network modeling.
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Image processors for 3D stereoscopic displays

Create vivid, comprehensive 3D imagery for an immersive visual environment.

Immerse yourself in virtual reality/visualization

Christie’s image processors let you integrate and configure complex hardware and software. Create a lifelike virtual world that’s viewable from all angles. Experience the sensation of becoming one with the application. Display real-life objects that can’t normally be seen, such as molecules, air and liquid dynamics and weather patterns.

Christie Vista Spyder

Visualization has a powerful, versatile, reliable tool in the Christie® Vista Spyder video processor

The Christie Vista Spyder creates perspectives that are unmatched in fullness and detail. This image processor:

  • can manage ultra high-resolution digital inputs and outputs
  • has extra flexible display support
  • has amazing source-overlapping capability
  • works with flat or curved screens.

The Christie Vista Spyder X20

The Christie Vista Spyder X20 is a hardware-based image processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher.

The Christie Vista Spyder X20 is powerful enough to manage large, megapixel displays with increased frame rates. This processor:

  • supports up to 20 megapixel bandwidth at a native 120 Hz frame rate
  • can handle source inputs/outputs up to WQXGA (2560x1600) resolution
  • can rotate images for portrait mode displays
  • can manage source overlapping.

Take any 2D or 3D source format and blend, window, mix, scale and route the signal to any destination – quickly and easily.

Check the performance

  • The X20 has a up to 20 mega pixel bandwidth  
  • 6 mega pixels in a single frame group 
  • True preview capabilities with live preview, on-the-fly editing and offline preview capabilities 
  • Any output can be rotated to display horizontal images 
  • Window labeling without using up a layer 
  • Advanced ‘auto-sync’ functionality 
  • Fast still store functionality 
  • Up to 2650 x 1600 on inputs and outputs 
  • Discreet parallel expansion capabilities

Taking the next step

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