Christie Vive Audio loudspeakers

Featuring Christie’s exclusive ribbon drivers, our range of loudspeakers are the perfect choice for intelligible, engaging and impactful audio.

Ribbon driver loudspeakers

Exclusive ribbon driver technology.



Christie® Vive Audio loudspeakers are the perfect choice for crystal clear intelligibility – whether it’s spoken word, live music or prerecorded content – for a more natural and lifelike listening experience that audiences notice. The high-fidelity audio produced by our ribbon drivers provide an enhanced listening experience that is unachievable with a typical compression driver system.

When using our exclusive line array design, Christie Vive Audio loudspeakers provide ultra-fast transient response, enhanced intelligibility and coverage, improved dynamic range and ultra-low distortion for the extremely accurate reproduction of any audio source. Comprising a variety of sizes and designs, Christie Vive Audio loudspeakers offer the versatility to integrate seamlessly into any venue.

Christie Vive Audio ribbon driver loudspeakers:

Model Type Driver components
Christie LA1 Line array 9 x 3.5" ribbon drivers
6 x 5.25" cone woofers
Christie LA3 Line array 18 x 3.5" ribbon drivers
12 x 5.25" cone drivers
Christie LA3S Line array 6 x 3.5" ribbon drivers
2 x 6.5" cone drivers
Christie LS3S ​Line source ​1 x 3.5" ribbon driver
2 x 6.5" cone drivers
Christie LA5 ​Line array ​12 x 6" ribbon drivers
12 x 6.5" cone drivers
Christie LA5S ​Line array ​6 x 6" ribbon drivers
6 x 6.5" cone drivers


  • Christie exclusive single enclosure coaxial articulated line array design
  • Dramatically higher RMS to peak max SPL ratio than compression driver systems
  • Extremely even coverage, typically ± 2dB SPL throughout entire audience area
  • Approximately four times the optimal listening area than typical systems
  • Heavy duty marine grade plywood cabinet with integrated mounting points