Christie Brio solutions

Share and do more as a team

Christie® Brio presentation and collaboration solutions remove technical barriers and enable team members to drive for results together. Designed to address common meeting technology challenges, Christie Brio solutions enable teams to wirelessly present, share and interact with each other – within the same room or across multiple locations, in real-time. When everyone is focused on the content rather than the technology, more energy can be put into clearly and confidently exchanging information and ideas. Decision-making becomes less time-consuming so you can get more value out of the time you spend meeting together.​

Christie Brio offers a solution for every need:

  • Christie Brio Enterprise – Wirelessly share high-quality, multimedia content between multiple locations using the Internet and standard, secure communication protocols.

  • Christie Brio Team+ – Add HD video at native resolutions to the shared content in your local meeting room.
  • Christie Brio Team – Effortlessly share high-quality, multimedia content within a single location without having to access a local area network.

Share the benefits

  • Supporting BYOD meetings – A secure information-sharing platform is critical to the process, while balancing flexibility in an individual’s device choice. With Christie Brio solutions, you can set up an infrastructure that allows your team to use the devices they prefer in a collaboration session.
  • Automatic content layouts – Effortlessly display content using Christie Brio. Wirelessly connect to a Christie Brio unit and your content will be automatically displayed on the meeting room screen, maintaining your content’s aspect ratio and resolution.
  • Simple meeting management – Reduce time spent on meeting logistics and get your meetings started quickly with just the touch panels connected to the outputs. You can rearrange source layouts, control audio, initiate whiteboard sharing, enable remote collaboration and more advanced functions.
  • Improve the audio experience – Connect to a meeting room’s sound system so participants focus on the meeting rather than straining to hear audio from computer or device speakers.
  • Whiteboard and annotation – Turn touch panels into shared whiteboards with annotation tools. Participants can mark up content, images and video in real-time using various writing and drawing tools.
Differentiating features Enterprise Team+ Team
Integrated wireless access point   X X
Integrated Miracast receiver   X X
Physical DVI video inputs X X  
Physical analog audio inputs X X  
External dimensions (WxHxD) 17.4 x 1.74 x 9.5"
(442 x 44 x 241mm)
17.4 x 1.74 x 9.5"
(442 x 44 x 241mm)
8.0 x 1.9 x 8.9"
(203 x 49 x 252mm)

Each element of Christie Brio solutions was designed with the user in mind – from device connection to viewing content in-room or across locations. Once you connect your computer, smart phone or tablet to a Christie Brio unit, your content is automatically presented on your meeting room display – it’s as simple as that.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales rep about Christie Brio solutions, please contact us.