Christie Japan Lights up Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower

27 Christie Roadie HD+35K projectors, the world’s brightest and best DLP® projectors, were used to project images created by NHK onto a 4,500 square-meter area on the East Tower, over a distance of up to 130 meters.
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Projector Stacking

Sometimes more is more! Christie projectors really stack up – and dazzle audiences.

Using a stacked array of projectors produces big benefits and peace of mind. High-profile visual displays amaze with the power and brightness of multiple projectors. For reliability, nothing beats the redundancy of a stacked projector array.  

What does projector stacking offer?

  • Higher brightness for larger displays – thanks to the additive power of multiple projectors.
  • Absolute reliability – you have the security of a backup projector, if the main projector fails to perform.

Christie’s projector stacking solutions

Stacking and rigging frames make stacking multiple projectors quick and easy. Christie® has a full suite of stacking/rigging solutions for our 3-chip DLP® projectors.

  • Stacking kit
    Christie’s stacking kit is a lightweight sturdy frame that enables you to stack up to three Xenon 3-chip DLP projectors in your display setup. Customers who already own stacking kits and hardware made for Christie’s legacy Xenon 3-chip DLP platform can use their equipment with Christie J Series models.
  • Stacking frame
    Christie M Series Roadster models were designed with stagers in mind. Each of these Roadster models ships with a stacking frame. This stacking frame is also available as an accessory for other M Series models.
  • Rigging frame
    This rigging frame is used to safely secure projectors for rigging or flying in a suspended installation, and for stacking two projectors together. The frame is built for the Roadie HD+35K, Roadie HD+30K, Roadie 25K or CP2000-X projection head. 
  • Hybrid stack
    The stacking kit connects to the integral rigging points on any (Xenon) Christie Roadster model, creating a hybrid stack with a model that uses a 1.0kW or 1.2kW Xenon lamp.

We also offer software solutions, such as Christie AutoStack™ and Christie Twist™, that let you precisely control multiple, edge-blended images. Add the optional AutoStack Curve module to Christie AutoStack and you can easily project onto curved screens.

Taking the next step

Christie stacking solutions are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers and partners. Contact us or your nearest dealer today to get started.