Paramount Pictures

In addition to the conference rooms on the ground floor, an in-house cinema has been built, where film material, e. g., a freshly dubbed movie, is previewed before going into distribution. The decision was made to use the Christie CP2000-ZX, Christie’s most popular 2K DLP Cinema projector through which all digital material is projected in brilliant colors and contrast onto the screen.
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Film Cinema

For more than 40 years Christie manufactured the most reliable and innovative film projection products in the world. From the Academy® Award winning Ultramittent® to the world’s first gearless projector, Christie has always been at the forefront of film projection.

In these rapidly changing times and with the move to digital cinema projection firmly underway, Christie has made the decision to phase out film projection equipment, service and support.  All Christie film cinema products have been out of production for over five years and Christie® is discontinuing service and technical support effective March 31, 2014. This notification is also to inform you of the last opportunity to buy spare parts to service these models.

For exhibitors considering a conversion to digital cinema, we can help you make the move to digital easily and affordably with partner programs. Before making any move, contact us today and learn how we can support your digital conversion efforts.

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