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Christie MicroTiles at London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange Chooses Christie’s Latest Digital Display Solutions for its Atrium with the Promise of Sharp and Uninterrupted Broadcast Activity

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Christie® is proud to announce the largest and one of the most prestigious installations of Christie MicroTiles™ to date in EMEA, at the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square, London. The installation will be utilised in the Exchanges new Market Open Ceremony.

The installation of 508 Christie MicroTiles™ at the London Stock Exchange follows a recommendation for their use by CMS Consultant Jerry Collins and a subsequent tender won by long-standing Christie Partner, Focus 21 Visual Communications Ltd.

The new Market Open Ceremony provides companies joining London Stock Exchange markets with the opportunity to mark the occasion using the most advanced display technology and bespoke visual communication.  The Christie MicroTiles installation replaces The Source, a moving sculpture previously installed in the Atrium.

Visitors to Paternoster Square are now welcomed by columns of Christie MicroTiles in a 1 x 5 configuration. Then as they enter the Atrium their view is directed to either side by two strips of MicroTiles, each consisting of 29 and 31 MicroTiles respectively, and on to an impressive video wall that uses 132 MicroTiles in an 11 x 12 array. The video wall, in unison with the other MicroTiles arrays stream a variety of content throughout the day including live news and market updates from CNBC.

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