FHD551-W Outdoor Display


Outdoor digital display solutions

Take your message outside with brilliant visuals.

Outdoor TVs and projection solutions extend your ability to engage, inform and persuade the public like never before. Outdoor flat-panels offer the versatility of weatherproof performance, impact resistance and superior reliability while cutting-edge projection mapping technology allows you to display a stunning video spectacle on buildings or natural landscapes. Today’s ruggedized outdoor display solutions can be deployed virtually anywhere.

With outdoor TVs and digital display solutions, you can:

  • Extend the reach of your messaging in almost any setting or environment,  day or night.
  • Deploy signage in challenging environmental conditions with rugged, weatherproof digital displays.
  • Transform any building or structure into an awe-inspiring 3D spectacle to entertain and impress the crowds.
  • Update your content quickly and easily without the need to re-print and re-install static signs.

Christie’s outdoor digital display and projection mapping solutions

Whether you’re looking for high-definition digital displays that can stand up to the demands of any outdoor or public setting, or to create a jaw-dropping 3D dynamic video display, Christie’s outdoor display solutions deliver exceptional visuals and industry-leading reliability.

Christie outdoor LCD flat-panel displays

  • Engineered for outdoor and public use, the Christie WeatherAll FHD551-W flat panel can withstand exposure to inclement weather, extreme temperatures and humidity, dust, and air particles.
  • Outfitted with impact resistant features, these high-definition LCD displays can endure the wear and tear of outdoor and public  deployment.
  • The high-brightness and high-contrast ratio ensure your message will be brilliantly displayed in almost any situation.

Christie projection mapping solutions

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that’s right for you and within your budget.

Product support

Christie products are backed by industry-leading training, warranties and technical support.

Taking the next step

Christie digital signage solutions are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers, consultants and integrators.

Contact Christie for more information, to request a demonstration or request pricing, and get started today.