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Image processors

Unlock the full creative potential of your digital signage displays.

The demand for high-quality, dynamic visual effects in digital signage applications continues to increase. The ability to create big-screen, multi-media presentations with ease is a common requirement for any digital signage display, whether the user is a novice or an AV professional.

From the most powerful image processors on the market today, to a straight-forward, well-priced media server with video processing and playback capabilities, Christie gives you the freedom to create amazing digital displays.

Spend time creating your digital display content,
not managing it

Christie JumpStart image processorChristie JumpStart is an easy-to-use, robust content management solution for five to 15 megapixel digital displays requiring up to six video inputs.

You don’t need separate inputs to play back files or run applications. With Christie JumpStart, it’s easy to be creative and make the most of your high-resolution digital canvas.

Take charge of your content with the most powerful, most flexible and most creative image processors available today 

With their advanced architecture, Christie’s image processors are easy to deploy and install while reducing the amount of wires, boxes and rack space traditionally required. These Spyder X20 video processorhardware-based image processors allow you to blend, window and scale a wide array of video signals with unparalleled quality and ease.

Christie offers two versatile options:

The Christie Spyder X20 is a hardware-based video processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher. Its integrated source monitoring enables simultaneous, real-time, full frame rate monitoring of all inputs. Christie Vista Spyder image processor


The Christie Vista Spyder gives you total control and flexibility, so you can mix an incredible number of sources in multiple windows, create all kinds of picture-in-pictures (PIPs), define, shape and blend borders with remarkable ease, and do it all without a hitch, every single time.

Customized solutions  

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie’s comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that’s right for you and within your budget.