Simple. Reliable. Brilliant.

Christie Velvet LED tiles are easy to install, operate and maintain, allowing you to envelop any space in brilliant visuals.

Christie Velvet 4.0mm indoor LED tiles

Part Number: LED040-M

Easily harness the power of efficient, high-impact LED display walls.



​​Perfect for corporate settings, hospitality venues and retail stores, Christie® Velvet​​ tiles can be configured into virtually any size or shape for unmatched creative freedom. Benefit from the low energy consumption and the long service life of LED technology and create brilliant display walls that last.


  • High-resolution, bright and seamless visuals with wide viewing angles
  • Scalable for full design flexibility
  • True 24/7 operation
  • Energy efficient and low operating temperatures
  • Solid-state design for easy assembly and reliable, long-life, maintenance-free operation
  • Choice of front or rear access
  • Recommended viewing distance of 32 feet (10m) 

Christie Velvet LED tile features

Christie – the complete solution

When you choose Christie, we work with you every step of the way to map out a solution that will bring your vision to reality. With our extensive range of display technologies, processing and content management systems, we help customers create the world’s most memorable shared experiences. Through our expert advice and working alongside our extensive network of partners, determining the Christie Velvet solution that best meets your needs is easy.