Christie understands 3D

Our Christie Mirage J Series of 3D-capable projectors offers complete compatibility with today’s 3D standards. The most compact 3-chip DLP active stereo projectors in their class, this series of projectors delivers crisp, detailed images with excellent color and brightness.

3D is here - 
the Christie Mirage J Series models will help you make the most of it.

3D technology can benefit a variety of applications. Our customers are amazed at how 3D projection:

  • Excites audiences with the WOW! factor
  • Accelerates understanding and decision-making
  • Produces faster, more intuitive interaction with data
  • Promotes collaboration and a focus on collective strengths
  • Ensures greater accuracy of concepts and designs
  • Reduces time to market

As a pioneer in the development of 3D projection technology, only Christie has the expertise that’s needed for today’s emerging 3D display applications.  The Christie Mirage J Series models offer:

  • 120Hz native frame rate functional 3D
  • Native resolutions – SXGA+, HD and WUXGA
  • A range of lumens levels
  • Embedded warp and blend capabilities

Christie Mirage J Series projectors are compatible with today’s 3D home entertainment requirements and are ready for Blu-Ray 3D™ video, PS3 and other gaming consoles, meeting the mandatory 3D spec for HDMI v1.4a. To ensure your 3D solution is complete, Christie also offers a range of accessories that include 3D glasses (active and passive), emitters and filters.

Christie understands 3D – Mirage J Series

Discover the Christie Mirage J Series, 3D-capable projectors. They offer faster frame rates and complete compatibility with current 3D standards. If you’re not ready for 3D today, learn about an upgrade option that adds advanced 3D capabilities to most models in Christie’s 3-chip DLP® family of products.

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Choose the model that best fits your needs and budget, and know that all this is backed by Christie’s three-year warranty and our industry-leading service and support. 


Center lumens

Native resolution

Mirage DS+8K-J 7,500 SXGA+
Mirage HD7K-J 6,850 HD
Mirage WU7K-J 6,950 WUXGA


Mirage S+14K-J 13,750 SXGA+
Mirage S+18K-J 17,600 SXGA+
Mirage S+22K-J 22,000 SXGA+
Mirage HD14K-J 13,200 HD
Mirage HD16K-J 15,400 HD
Mirage HD20K-J 20,000 HD
Mirage WU14K-J 13,200 WUXGA
Mirage WU20K-J 20,000 WUXGA

Above models offer the following standard input cards: Slot 1-2 populated, standard: two Dual Link DVI-D (330 MHz) input cards (each has VGA (165 MHz) for 3D or dual input 3D compatibility) with HDMI 1.3 receiver • Slot 3-4 unpopulated

Enhanced feature sets for all models:

  • Embedded Christie Twist™
  • Embedded image tiling
  • Intelligent Lens System (ILS™)
  • Advanced block artifact reduction
  • ChristieNET™ Web interface
  • User-friendly , intuitive LCD keypad
  • Advanced Loop-Thru Twin HDMI card
  • Lamp memory module
  • User-replaceable lamps
  • Advanced 10-bit processing
  • Automatic shut-off and ECO mode
  • Dust-sealed light engine
  • SNMP (simple network management protocol)
  • DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)
  • Liquid cooling (2.0kW, 2.4kW, 3.0kW models only)
  • Set-up lights (2.0kW, 2.4kW, 3.0kW models only)
  • Compatibility with legacy accessories

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