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The Christie J Series is designed with many robust features that take some of the complexities out of your job. The easy-to- use lamp insertion mechanism lets you replace the lamp yourself quickly and easily. The portrait display adapter gives you the option to create displays in portrait orientation with 1.0kW or 1.2kW models, while the Christie Roadster models have built-in portrait capabilities.

Rigging and stacking
Christie’s stacking kit enables you to stack up to a maximum of three of the projectors (equipped with a 1.0kW or 1.2kW lamp) into a light-weight, sturdy frame. Customers with existing stacking mounts and hardware can use the same equipment with Christie J Series models. This means that you can effortlessly stack a Christie Roadster S+20K with a Christie Roadster S+22K-J, for example.

Portrait capabilities
Christie 3-chip DLP projectors offer the flexibility to project in portrait orientation. For models using a 1.0kW or 1.2kW lamp, the portrait display adapter makes the change in orientation easy. The adapter attaches to the projector’s lens and enables you to project the image in portrait orientation instead of landscape. Christie Roadster models have built-in portrait capabilities and do not require the portrait display adapter.

Bare bulb replacement
Reduce your cost of ownership by replacing only the bulb – not the entire lamp module assembly.

Hybrid stack
The stacking frame can also connect to the integral rigging points on any Christie Roadster model for a hybrid stack with a model that uses a 1.0kW or 1.2kW lamp. Adjustable mount wheels aid in projector alignment.

Setup lights
Christie Roadster and Christie Mirage models (equipped with a 2.0kW, 2.4kW or 3kW lamp) include ‘convenience lights’ that allow for easy set up in dark environments.

Fog filter options
To help extend the life of your projector and protect your investment, optional fog juice filters are available for environments that require more than the protection of our dust-sealed engine. The design of the fog juice filter kits – attached to the projector – reduces the affects of the oil or juice created by fog, smoke, hazers and pyrotechnics. These kits include easy-to-install external media mounts and one set of filters (internal and external). The life of the filters depends on the amount of bi-product captured, but they typically can last up to 20 hours.

 1 CT refers to the suite of lenses available for use with Christie’s legacy Xenon platform. Note: ILS
    capabilities are not available with CT lenses and lens mount.
 2 Legacy input cards are not compatible with Christie J Series models.

Projector stacking

Christie Roadster models have built-in
portrait capabilities

Setup lights

Fog filter

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