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We’ve embedded powerful features such as Christie Twist and an Intelligent Lens System (ILS™), edge blending and color matching capabilities to ensure that setup and maintenance of your displays are repeatable, quick and easy. Monitoring and controlling your displays from a distance are made simple with our ChristieNET™ web interface. And, when you’re close to your projector our intuitive LCD keypad gives straightforward, easy access to manage your display. Additional hardware or software is no longer required; making your life easier.

Embedded Christie Twist
Standard in all Christie J Series models, Christie Twist enables seamless edge blending of multiple curved images faster and more easily than through traditional, manual methods. Controlled by an easy-to-use GUI, you can expertly control and edge blend or stack multiple curved images. As well, images can be warped to fit virtually any dimension or shape display. Embedded Christie Twist ensures that all J Series projectors work with value-added accessories, such as Christie AutoStack™.

Intelligent Lens System (ILS)
The ILS automatically recognizes and calibrates a lens when it is installed. Stepper motor-based encoding ensures that motor drift does not occur, as typically found with DC encoded motors, providing accurate and repeatable recall of all lens offset, zoom and focus positions. This lens system ensures that the images adjust to optimize screen coverage and maintain alignment in applications with moving screens or variable aspect ratios.

ChristieNET web interface and Virtual On-Screen Display (OSD)
ChristieNET enables users to access all projector menus and controls through a web interface without disrupting the live presentation. This allows for real-time adjustments and monitoring of each projector on the network – regardless of geographic location. It’s easy to set up and maintain the projector system remotely. You don’t need to see the screen to set up the system, making it ideal for applications where the screen is rigged or far away. The menus do not show on the projector screen so it won’t be a distraction during live performances. A new status screen shows alarms, lamp info, or any system information. The easy-to-use interface lets you upload, backup and restore settings, as well as designate permission-based users.

LCD keypad
This easy-to-use LCD keypad includes:  
    • Contextual menus provide a fully-featured, intuitive interface that removes the need for a cluttered keypad
    • Large, four line LCD display
    •  Adjustable brightness and timed LCD off mode
    • Intuitive, user-friendly keypad design that lights up when features are active
    • Active keys are color-coded amber to indicate that selections will result in changes visible to the audience

The LiteLOC™ feature automatically manages your display’s brightness levels over time so that you can match the brightness of a multiple projector system in tiled or blended arrays. This feedback system continuously monitors lamp brightness so that, as the lamp goes through its natural brightness decay, the system increases the lamp power in order to maintain consistent brightness.


Embedded edge blending and color matching
Advanced blending capabilities and Comprehensive Color Adjustment (CCA™) ensure digitally accurate color matching and uniformity across multi-screen blended or tiled images.





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