Up to 22,000 lumens of Xenon brightness

Xenon lamp technology offers continuous light quality, stable color temperature, excellent color reproduction and relatively little color shift to give you eye-catching live displays, easily combat other light sources in the room and still wow your audiences time and again. That’s reliability you can trust.

Each Christie J Series model offers more brightness per pound than the competition and ensures that your content can be shown in its native resolution, without scaling.  As well, the lamps used in Christie J Series projectors produce the highest lumens per watt, enabling brighter images without additional power requirements.

Advantage of Xenon lamps


  • Provides the highest level of on-screen performance, both for brightness and color accuracy
  • The spectrum of a Xenon lamp results in relatively little color shift over time
  • Emit a continuous wavelength spectrum of light throughout the visible range that approximates the neutral white color of natural daylight
  • Reaches full brightness in far less time than other lamp technologies
  • Great for illuminating very large screens or high ambient environment
  • Have the best color rendering index (CRI) of any lamp technology out there

Xenon vs high pressure Mercury lamps

Compatibility with legacy Xenon models

The new lamp modules for the Christie J Series will also work with legacy Xenon models. These lamp modules, with lamp memory cards, contain a serial number and hours of use information to make inventory and usage tracking quick and easy in all Christie J Series projectors. Lamp hour tracking capabilities are not enabled in legacy models.

Legacy Xenon lamp modules are compatible with the Christie J Series projectors, but lamp hour tracking functionality will not be enabled.

Choosing between Mercury and Xenon lamp technology

The two lamp technologies most commonly used in digital projectors today are Mercury vapor and Xenon.  Learn why Xenon is the better option for high brightness applications and where color qulity is paramount.

>>Download the Mercury vs. Xenon white paper

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