Bring your brand and products to life. Transport consumers to a bright world of possibilities. Christie MicroTiles give you the design freedom to create a digital display that perfectly complements your products and the architecture of your store.

Fresh chose Christie® MicroTiles® as the digital signage solution for its flagship store in New York City’s Union Square, and for future renovations globally.  Read more

The ultimate digital canvas

Christie MicroTiles® create eye-catching displays that capture shoppers' attention and draw them in. With their unmatched color palette and high brightness, these pixel powerhouses represent your brand and products flawlessly.

Sold on interactivity

It's easy to add touch interactivity to your digital design with MicroTiles. No one's just browsing anymore when your displays offer them the chance to explore your offerings with a fun, interactive, digital experience.

Green is always in fashion

With their impressively small carbon footprint, Christie MicroTiles are an ideal choice for LEED projects, and for any building where environmental standards must be met.

The best value

Christie MicroTiles are more durable, reliable and serviceable than traditional display technologies. Over the course of their long lifetime, Christie MicroTiles will cost you less than most other display technologies.

Visualize your space

Plan, visualize and analyze entire projects that use Christie MicroTiles with programmed AutoDesk® Revit® files and MicroTiles Designer 2.0 software.

Find out more

Retailers like Fresh New York City, New Look Dublin and Haussmann Rome, are using Christie MicroTiles to create digital retail signage displays that draw attention and inform shoppers. Learn about the features and benefits of working with Christie MicroTiles and check out our customer success stories.

Highlights of interviews with customers and industry experts at our Christie MicroTiles Global Product Showcase. Watch the video

The Book of Shapes

The Book of Shapes

See how Christie MicroTiles help set the hip mood for shoppers at the New Look flagship store in Dublin, Ireland.

Read page 93 in The Book of Shapes.

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