Christie Brio
connects, collects
and shares content
through a single unit.

The Christie Brio family
Christie® Brio solutions connect, collect and share content through a ​single unit. Each element of the system was designed with the user in mind – from device connection to viewing content in-room or across locations. Once you connect your computer, smart phone or tablet to a Christie Brio unit, your content is automatically presented on your meeting room display – it’s as simple as that.

An integrated system
Christie Brio is available in three different versions. With similar user interfaces and control protocols, all three versions of the Christie Brio family can be used independently or as an integrated system. Team members within the same study room, lab or meeting facility can wirelessly display rich, multimedia content and​ seamlessly tap into audio from up to five computers, smart phones or tablets. When you connect multiple Brio units together from various locations, participants can virtually share content, edit in real-time, save collaborative work and capture action items for quicker follow-up.

Which Christie Brio solution is right for your team?

Christie Brio Team
Simple to access and no training required, Christie Brio Team is fully self-contained and does not require access to the local area network. Individuals can quickly connect to the Brio Team unit and wirelessly share information with team members in the same room. Featuring integrated Wi-Fi, AirPlay and WiDi receivers, Brio Team requires no additional drivers and has no external dongles to buy, break or lose.

Christie Brio Team+
Adding HD video sources to your local meeting content, Christie Brio Team+ offers the advantage of displaying original video content at native resolutions through wired video inputs. The Team+ unit has an integrated wireless access point (WAP), supporting output sources of up to 2560 x 1600 at 30Hz or 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz with HDCP.

Christie Brio Enterprise
When you need to collaborate securely and share high-quality content between multiple locations, Christie Brio Enterprise integrates smoothly into a local area network for access to Internet and network services. Any content from devices connected to Brio Enterprise units can be shared across all the displays in the same meeting. Regardless of participants' geographic locations, everyone sees the same information at the same time.

Differentiating features

Christie Brio Team

  • Integrated wireless access point
  • Integrated  Miracast receiver
  • Dimensions:
    8.0 x 1.9 x 8.9"
    (203 x 48 x 226mm)


Christie Brio Team+

  • Integrated wireless access point
  • Integrated Miracast receiver
  • Physical DVI-D video inputs
  • Physical analog audio inputs
  • ​​Dimensions:
    17.4 x 1.74 x 9.5"
    (442 x 44 x 241mm)


Christie Brio Enterprise

  • Physical DVI-D video inputs
  • Physical analog audio inputs
  • Dimensions
    17.4 x 1.74 x 9.5"
    (442 x 44 x 241mm)


In addition to the unique features of each Christie Brio solution, all units share common value-added features.
If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales rep about Christie Brio solutions, please contact us.
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