Wilfrid Laurier University

The University believes that technology and teaching go hand-in-hand and see projection as a key teaching tool. Professors at Laurier have come to expect that in every classroom they can easily link their digital content to the projector system in the room and immediately begin teaching.
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Education and Training

Today’s A/V is not like yesterday’s A/V. Today’s display solutions are brighter than ever, easier to install and less expensive – making it possible to incorporate visual display and multimedia tools in all of your education and training environments.

In today’s digital era, the way that modern education and training facilities conduct their day-to-day operations has evolved. Organizations are increasingly utilizing multiple content sources, such as video and datasets, to enhance their ability to educate students or offer advanced training capabilities. Christie® provides complete, integrated visual solutions, along with industry-leading expertise, to help create education and training environments that represent the latest in technological innovations. See what is possible with Christie innovation.

Christie provides education and training projectors and integrated visual display solutions for these applications:

Educators at education and training facilities of all sizes, all over the world, are turning to projectors and projection equipment to inspire students while simultaneously enhancing their learning process.

You might be wondering… what types of projectors and displays are available? What size of a display is right for my classroom, lab, lecture hall or training facility? What should I consider when choosing a display if I'm using it for data and video, or for applications of different sizes and complexity, including 3D advanced visualization training applications?

Broadest range of digital projectors and displays

Why should you choose Christie? You can select from the broadest range of education and training projectors and integrated projection systems for every application and budget. Christie's product and solution range for education and training includes:

A solution for all sizes and configurations

No training facility or campus is too large or too small for a Christie visual solution. With Christie products you get high performance and feature-rich standards that provide: