Carleton University's ACE Lab

In order to focus on the content rather than the display, Carleton’s ACE Lab chose a custom-built structure designed, engineered and installed by Christie.
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Christie AutoCal™

Automatic display system calibration - expert image display adjustment capabilities at your fingertips.

With Christie AutoCal™ you have expert image display adjustment capabilities at your fingertips.  A simple checkbox interface makes interaction user-friendly allowing users to re-calibrate both geometry and blending with unequalled accuracy.  

Christie AutoCal calibrates virtually any arrayed projection display, from flat to cylindrical to spherical, and adjusts it to its optimized viewing configuration to deliver the results you require. 



The calibration solution from Christie offers reduced location resource requirements and increased customer independence in terms of maintaining your multi-projector displays. To get results you require, Christie AutoCal allows you to spend your time using your display, not maintaining it.