Burlington COMPASS

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) COMPASS control room monitors traffic on highways in the Peel, Halton, Hamilton, and Niagara regions of Ontario, including the QEW - one of Canada's busiest highways, and the main road link between Toronto and the US border.
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Controllers and video processors

Content mobility — redefined

Video wall controllers and video processors make managing content and information across multiple screens easy. At Christie®, we are redefining how and where you access that data, who you share it with and how you display it. Christie offers a full range of video wall controllers for every type of display, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs.

Christie Phoenix

Christie Phoenix benefitsChristie Phoenix is a network-distributed information management system designed specifically for control room applications. Simultaneously view, listen to and interact with any source of information found in a control room environment, from virtually anywhere.

Designed for a broad range of applications – from a single room to complex, multi-room, multi-location installations that can be utilized by one or thousands of users at the same time – Christie Phoenix features a modular system architecture and uses one or multiple hardware nodes to handle both inputs and outputs to encode, decode and display audiovisual data.

Christie Phoenix Quad-T

The Christie Phoenix Quad-T expands the capabilities of the Christie Phoenix system by providing additional 4K inputs, increasing your monitoring capability and control during the most demanding situations.

Built as stand-alone modules, the Christie Phoenix Quad-T is a plug-and-play unit that can be installed anywhere within your Christie Phoenix network to control and encode real-time information sources. You’ll have more flexibility and scalability to acquire additional high-quality, remote video and control signals over IP networks, giving your team more data at one time from multiple locations

Christie TVC Series video wall controllers

Christie TVC Series video wall controllers deliver all the power and features you need to handle the most demanding control room monitoring environments.

The Christie TVC-1700 is a powerful processor that supports video wall configurations of up to 64 outputs. It’s flexible enough to display hundreds of inputs – local applications, network-streamed desktops and direct-connected DVI, RGB and video inputs – anywhere, and at any size on the video wall.

The Christie TVC-700 supports video wall configurations of up to 18 outputs. It offers the flexibility to display 3D applications, network-streamed software and direct-connected, high-resolution DVI, RGB and video inputs anywhere, and at any size on the video wall.

TVC-700 TVC-1700



Maximum displays





digital or analog

Maximum pixels per screen

2048 x 1536 @ 60Hz (analog),
4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz (digital)

2048 x 1536 @ 60Hz (analog),
1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz (digital)

Maximum total display space

150M pixels

150M pixels




Maximum networked client displays


100 (simultaneous), nearly unlimited (defined)

RGB/DVI (computer) sources



Video sources


128 (simultaneous)

High-resolution software applications




Christie Spyder

The original version of Christie Spyder was for edge-blended widescreen, single and multiscreen applications, but the strength of the Spyder 200/300 series is its modularity. The 200/300 series comes in 22 models packaged as 2RU or 3RU units with varying I/O combinations up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs, as well as smaller I/O increments so you can build the system you need. All models in this series are compatible and configurable with each other. This modularity can make the 200/300 series more cost effective in configurations that don't match the Spyder X20 I/O structure.

Christie Spyder X20

The Christie Spyder X20 is the world's most powerful video processor and presentation switcher combined with the flexibility of a video matrix switcher that easily converts and routes any signal to any device or combination of display devices. You can drive multiple displays in any combination of edge-blended widescreen, single and multiscreen discreet applications, achieving higher brightness, enhanced image quality and improved resolution.

Exclusive Christie MASTERSuite wall management software

Our exclusive Christie MASTERSuite™ software with WallManager™ and MediaManager™ programs make tiled video walls respond as a single, ultra-high resolution Windows desktop.

Display multiple media outputs anywhere and at any size
Arrange the display to show just one or more video windows across the entire display
Quickly create and save multiple wall layouts or scenarios for fast recall and display 
Control content either at the wall or over networked remote clients

Media display features include:

  • Profiles for media display window
  • Desktop shortcuts 
  • Secondary backup channels
  • Media cropping, zooming and scaling 
  • Window border andformat controls
  • Third-party desktop applications

Remote wall viewing and control features include:

  • Mimic view and control – remote wall viewing and control 
  • LiveView™ and control – live, remote management and control
  • Interactive application control

Wall layouts and scenarios features include:

  • Scenario creation, editing and displaying 
  • Scenario snapshots, packaging and scheduling 
  • Embedding device tasks in scenarios
  • RS232, Ethernet control and activation

Utility and interface features include:

  • Security management 
  • Power tools for display control 
  • Remote desktop control
  • QuickLaunch scenario activator 
  • WallLaunch scenario activator 
  • WallManager™– complete wall management 
  • MediaManager™– multiple controllers
  • Multi-language support

Christie Control Room Solutions
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