Siheung UTIS

This is one of our first installations of the Christie Entero™ LED! This 6x3 configuration includes 18 Christie Entero™ RPMSP-LED01 engines with 50” cubes, for a 20’ x 7’.5” display wall surface. The Siheung UTIS center will benefit from the Entero™ LED many industry leading features including its zero maintenance design.
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Video walls

Collaborative visual solutions for monitoring and control

Christie® is redefining the traditional control room by introducing quick and easy collaboration solutions, setting the stage for increasingly mobile control room environments that expand the confines, capabilities and effectiveness of a single control room. We work with many of the world’s most fast-paced and high-risk control rooms to ensure that they are well-equipped for thorough information analysis, helping their teams respond effectively to security and safety events.

With stunning zero-maintenance displays, our network-based open content management system and our high-performance video wall controllers and processors, Christie technology delivers the control, flexibility and ease-of-use that you should expect from an integrated control room solution.

Standard-sized, stackable, LED-illuminated video wall display cubes

Features of the Christie Entero HB video wall cubes – next generation control room LED displays:

  • High-brightness – the first LED displays with up to 1350 lumens capability, offering the brightest LED projection for cubes available
  • Wi-Fi® enabled – wirelessly control and manage individual displays, as well as the entire display wall
  • Standard and custom-sized stackable display cubes, screens and systems ranging from 50" to 80" diagonal
  • Front access design – motorized remote control release-and-lift system for the screen for front-access service and maintenance, with no compromise on performance, image quality or reliability
  • DLP® display technology – deep contrast and native resolutions ranging from SXGA+ to HD and WUXGA
  • LED solid-state illumination technology – advanced cooling design for long life and ultra-stable operation
  • Discrete, LED-based light engines/kits for retrofitting existing display walls and third-party custom solutions

Christie Entero HB DLP LED-based cubes come in a range of standard sizes and resolutions:

Because there are no consumables and almost no moving parts, Christie’s LED illumination technology has a lower total cost of operation and a zero-maintenance design.

Christie MicroTiles – the ultimate display for control room video walls

Christie MicroTiles® are designed to meet your control room monitoring needs – no matter what size or shape.

Built on proven DLP technology and specifically designed for superior image quality, Christie MicroTiles® take video wall display technology to a new level. An innovative solution for the most demanding, high-ambient-light environments – Christie MicroTiles® deliver:

The Dallas Fusion Center

  • Spectacular colors
  • Brighter images
  • Modular flexibility
  • A small footprint
  • A nearly seamless display surface
  • Reliable 24/7 operation

LCD panels

LCD flat panel display

For budget-defined systems requiring excellent image quality and long life in non-24/7 environments, the Christie FHD552-X is an ideal, tiled LCD solution for your control room. This LCD panel features:

  • Full-HD resolution,
  • Narrow bezel width
  • Energy efficiency
  • LED backlighting
  • High pixel density

The resulting images look sharp at any distance and controlled brightness is ideal for an indoor environment.

Christie 3-chip DLP projectors

For larger front or rear-screen applications where space, audience and lighting design require an alternate solution.

Customized video wall display solutions

Our built-to-order video wall solutions can meet your specific size, resolution and brightness requirements.

A customized video wall solution can include a moveable wall system to allow for rear access in limited spaces. We also have custom pedestals with customer-specified heights, finishes and requirements.

Content mobility: redefined

Christie Phoenix allows multiple users to easily securely access and control audio-visual data from anywhere, at any time via standard IP networking technology. With Christie Phoenix, the same information, presented in the same format, at the same time is made available to all users regardless of their location. Do more, spend less and benefit from greater performance with Christie Phoenix.

Content control with increased flexibility

Christie TVC-1700

The Christie TVC-1700 is a flexible, built-to-order display wall processor, delivering all the power you’ll need to handle increasingly complex and diverse control room systems for an integrated end-to-end solution.

The Christie TVC-700 is a flexible, built-to-order display wall processor, delivering exceptional graphical power and multiple input options, with support for video wall configurations up to 18 outputs. The Christie TVC-700 offers the flexibility to display 3D applications, network-streamed desktops, and direct-connected, high-resolution DVI, RGB and video inputs anywhere, and at any size on the display wall, with real-time performance.

Christie Control Room Solutions
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