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Careers in Europe, Middle East and Africa

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As a global organization with offices around the world, we help people create shared experiences with our innovative technologies.

Our current vacancies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region are shown below:

Position title



There are no positions available at this time.

Christie® tells the stories people want to hear

We believe we have a responsibility to our community to be a good corporate citizen and to provide the best products and solutions for our customers and employees. Lots of organisations say that, Christie lives it. Being part of the Christie team presents benefits not typically offered to employees. Imagine the chance to be part of the largest implementation of projectors at a live event, followed around the world by 840 million people. Or perhaps the opportunity to work with a world renowned artist on a state of the art technology masterpiece.

There's also accolades, awards and respect that come with being a part of a leading edge, high-tech organisation, too numerous to mention.

Join the team. Be part of something amazing.