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Digital experiences that mean business

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Large-scale projection mapping, best-of-class interactive video walls,
architectural media, immersive environments.
Christie® 360 knows no boundaries.

Your Digital SWAT Team

In-depth knowledge of the total array of digital media, cutting-edge technical skills, and a culture that nurtures creative thinking.

That’s what we work with at every level of a project’s development.

That’s how we make projects happen and succeed.

We work with industry partners and end-user clients alike to develop and deliver high-impact, next-generation digital media experiences.

Our team spans the globe, bridging marketing strategies with digital creativity and technologies. Leveraging Christie’s industry-leading engineering and R&D, we deliver some of the world’s most sophisticated and inspiring digital installations.

For more information about Christie, please visit www.christiedigital.com

Christie 360

The Big WOW and Business Value

Christie 360 uses digital media installations to help brands and organizations generate business impact and ROI.

Whatever the project, our approach marries creativity and innovation to deliver the optimal user experience.

This is our paramount concern because what the audience walks away with is what will have the most powerful impact on our client’s business model.

To this end, our team stays focused, every step of the way, on these 5 key business drivers:

Christie 360 key business drivers
Christie 360

A Gateway to More

Christie 360 is a gateway to more. Beyond us lies the full breadth of Christie Digital’s R&D, engineering, and technical expertise.

Industry leader in devising digital applications that address specific business objectives, Christie 360 has a mastery of the content and technical strategies integral to the complex systems that make up singular visual installations.

From large-scale projection mapping to multi-user interactive video walls, from temporary to permanent installations, our contribution is adapted to the requirements of each project. Our partners and clients benefit from the full support of our specialized expertise in experience design, content strategy and technical consulting.

And, always, this support is informed by a depth of understanding of how our creations link to and affect ROI strategies.

Our commitment to every project is second-to-none.

Christie 360

Refined, Elevated, Elevating

Christie 360 works with project partners and end-user clients to define clear, brand-supportive experience strategies and deliver unique digital installations that captivate, educate and entertain.

Among the digital applications we help deliver:

  • Large-scale projection mapping
  • Multi-user interactive video walls (gesture, touch, social media, mobile)
  • Architectural media
  • Digital art installations
  • Immersive environments
  • Specialized interactive destinations
  • Augmented and virtual reality applications
  • Mobile and web applications, as an extension of display-based experience

We start by bringing our creativity and know-how to bear on defining the needs particular to each challenge we take on. We follow through with a holistic approach, universal technical capabilities, and creative, enthusiastic personnel.

This is Christie 360.

Cinemaxx play


High-end AV corridor & experiential hub

Barney's New York play

Barneys New York

Projection mapping on glass sculptures

The Spirit of Niagara play

The Spirit of Niagara

Outdoor night time digital extravaganza

Gateway Cascades Casino play

Gateway Cascades Casino

Interactive video wall

Christie 360

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