Cluny Abbey

LITE, the Light Immersive Transportable Environment, a portable virtual immersion unit developed for the Cluny Centre of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers ParisTech.
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Science & Research

Christie provides 3D and Advanced Visualisation solutions for a variety of medical, life science and biotechnological applications allowing for greater interactivity and collaboration between computationally complicated algorithms and diverse data sets.

Imagine a more natural, intuitive method of interacting with complex volumetric datasets such as MRIs or CAT scans.   Imagine a unique, collaborative environment that aids in the comprehensive understanding of complex mechanisms in biomedical research and aids in the teaching and discovery process.  Imagine a reduced time to discovery enabled by quick, accurate decision making. 

Visualisation reduces cost of operation, minimises risk and enhances understanding

Christie Mirage WU7K-M 3d / Advanced Visualization Digital ProjectorWith imaging science playing an increasingly important role in all areas of medicine from rehearsing complex surgeries to simulating drug interactions, Christie’s integrated advanced visualisation display solutions allow for even greater interactivity and collaboration between computationally complicated algorithms and diverse data sets.  Christie’s advanced visualisation display solutions create an environment where teams can work or learn collaboratively, and later review those collaborations for greater understanding and discovery.

Complete turnkey or customised solutions

Christie is a technology innovator, manufacturer and integrator of world-class spatially immersive displays as complete turnkey solutions or customised solutions. Christie has the technology breadth, engineering depth and integration expertise to evaluate your needs/goals and provide complete solutions. 

Increased team collaboration and data interactivity

Our standard offerings and customisable solutions minimise the initial and lifetime costs of your visualisation display solution.  Christie integrated 3D advanced visualisation solutions enable our life sciences and biotechnology customers to immerse themselves in and interact with their data for enhanced understanding, increased team collaboration and reduced risk and costs.

Christie delivers complete integrated visual solutions for sophisticated advanced visualisation systems. From single- to multi-channels, completely immersive and interactive environments or ultra-high resolution data visualisation, Christie can produce images at any size or shape. 

The most advanced, functional and intuitive visualisation display solutions

As your partner in 3D / Advanced Visualisation, our world-class sales engineers, project managers, design and mechanical engineers and integration experts work together to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive display solutions.

Christie understands the unique needs and requirements in the science and biotechnology industries – scalability and resolution.  Based on successful installations around the world, Christie has a proven ISO-certified process in place to take you and your project from inception to completion on schedule and on budget with proven technical reliability.

Discover how Christie’s advanced visualisation solutions can assist you to increase collaboration, enhance understanding and reduce risks and costs.