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Post Production

Post production projection solutions for you post production operation.

With exacting image and colour reproduction required for post production only the most accurate projection is acceptable and Christie digital cinema projectors deliver. DLP Cinema® projectors received a 2009 Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy Board of Governors for Color Accuracy. This means you can be confident that you are seeing the best possible digital image in your post house.

Christie maintains a leading position in supplying advanced digital cinema projection technology to post-production facilities around the world. We were the first supplier of original DLP® digital cinema projectors to the marketplace and the first to offer 2K digital cinema projectors to the industry.

For post house environments with HD (1920 x 1080) requirements, Christie provides solutions to fit your budget and technology requirements. Choose from our broad range of 3-chip DLP projectors that will give you the brightness, performance and reliability required for even the smallest of screening rooms.

Coming from a heritage in film cinema, Christie knows what it takes to keep production schedules on track. Our digital cinema projectors offer the brightness, color reproduction and cost efficiency to help bring your latest masterpiece to fruition.

Your Christie CP2230 - pumped up to superior 4K 

Use the Christie 4K upgrade kit, to easily transform your 2K resolution digital cinema projector into a superior 4K (4096 x 2160) native resolution powerhouse. Providing four times the resolution of standard 2K digital cinema, this upgrade provides a major increase in screen detail, and gives Post Production the highest image quality possible to serve their customers and the assurance of being prepared for future content releases that use the industry's highest current resolution. See the 4K upgrade kit program and ordering details here.

 Post-Production Case Studies

NHB Post production  

NHB Post Production

When it comes to processing films, it's hardly something that NHB just learned yesterday. This Hamburg-based studio has been working in post production for 23 years and also in Berlin for the last nine years.




When the Spanish post-production company Molinare, decided to upgrade its projection system, their technical team subjected the industry's most outstanding 2K and 4K resolution projectors to meticulous tests. The results were conclusive: the Christie 2K DLP Cinema system was without doubt the best choice


Grand Central Studios

When Soho-based Grand Central Sound Studio operation committed £5m to converting the premises to a luxury post facility, they took the opportunity to upspec the screening facilities in line with the audio mixing capabilities. This was designed to create a true end-to-end digital solution.