MicroTiles make Russian TV News Studio Debut

Christie partner Viking has installed a video wall consisting of 66 Christie MicroTiles in the new studio for nationwide Russian broadcaster, Channel Five’s current affairs programme “Seichas”
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Architecture - Freedom to Design

When you’ve laboured over blueprints and dreamt of the perfect display, why compromise on the final product? With its "building block" format and small footprint, Christie MicroTiles bestows the ultimate design freedom to specify and create a digital media display that fits any commercial or public space.

With an unobtrusive, modular building block design, Christie MicroTiles seamlessly blend into any environment, allowing your audience to focus on the intended message and not the technology being used to display it. MicroTiles have the right combination of high brightness and rich contrast for demanding indoor, high ambient light environments. There’s no glare or distracting reflections so your message is always clear.

  • Design Freedom
    Designers can specify any size and any shape display to fit their intended environment. The form factor is narrow and easy to incorporate into a building design. Consider this another building material created to make your dreams a reality.

  • Amazing Image Quality
    Amalgamating the strengths of LED and DLP technology, Christie MicroTiles offer a colour range that far exceeds conventional LCD and plasma technologies.

  • Optimal Viewing Angles
    Other display options force audiences into awkward angles and distances to truly ‘see’ your message. Up close or from a distance, Christie MicroTiles deliver crisp, high-resolution images at any viewing angle.

  • Easy Setup
    Weighing in at only 20lbs (9.4kg) these lightweight tiles lock together quickly and easily, making creativity fun again. Create unique sizes and shapes in a snap.

  • Low Operating Costs
    When you make a significant investment you want it to last. Christie MicroTiles are more reliable and more serviceable than traditional display technologies. We’ve raised the bar – imagine 24/7 operation for more than 7 years. Put another way, that’s 65,000 hours before your tiles reach half brightness.

  • Environmental Sensitivity
    Christie is conscious of the push towards greener solutions. That’s why we’ve created a product with no consumables. No consumables are a big deal in today’s environment. Christie MicroTiles are RoHS compliant and have built-in eco-power consumption modes. MicroTiles are an ideal choice for LEED projects, and for any building where environmental standards must be met.

Display Solutions for:

  • Hotels
  • Public Spaces
  • Corporate Lobbies
  • Way Finding
  • Museums
  • Building Facades