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Birmingham City University is among the first academic institutions to install the pioneering VERT system, which transforms the way in which Radiotherapy students are taught.
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3D & Visualisation

Christie 3D Advanced Visualisation – spatially immersive 3D visual displays to enhance understanding, communication and collaboration.

3D/Advanced Visualisation uses a complex computer / stereoscopic visual display solution to provide an artificial reality that projects participants into a 3D space. 3D / Advanced Visualisation applications can range from bringing perspective to computer-aided design (CAD) drawings/designs, to simulating a real world environment that can be viewed from all angles and experienced in a state of total immersion.  Spatially immersive displays use multi-sided rooms that you walk into, and an "immersive theatre" or "immersive wall" that uses a large flat or curved screen that completely fills your peripheral vision. 

Advanced Visualisation can also display real-world objects that cannot normally be seen, such as the shapes of molecules, air and fluid dynamics, and weather patterns.

Christie provides 3D projection / Advanced Visualisation solutions for:

Christie’s 3D projection and Advanced Visualisation display solutions transform understanding through immersion (scale), stereoscopy (depth perception), and interactivity (tracking) for a broad range of commercial and research interests. With reduced costs in computing and improvements in translational software integrated spatially immersive displays provide a giant leap in understanding and communication value.

Why Christie 3D projection and Advanced Visualisation?

Christie is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and integrating spatially immersive displays.  Christie has the innovation, a variety of technologies, engineering strength and the integration expertise to offer turnkey solutions or complete customised solutions.  Christie’s advanced visualisation solutions minimise your initial and lifetime costs of the advanced visualisation display. 

Powerful, easy to use and completely scalable - designed and developed based on industry-leading Mirage DLP® projection technologies, Christie’s solutions are completely customisable and scalable with ultra-high resolution capabilities.

What sets Christie 3D Stereoscopic Projection / Advanced Visualisation apart?

  • Worldwide company – technology innovator, manufacturer, integrator
  • 3D DLP technology pioneers from a CRT legacy
  • Integrated solutions – superior advantage from large experience base of technology and people
  • Mirage Series – active stereo, single projector, ultra-high resolution 3-chip DLP technology at 120Hz
  • Christie Spyder/Spyder X20 - flexible source management with 2D/3D high performance functionality
  • Backed by industry-leading global service and support ensuring complete customer satisfaction

Where can you find Christie 3D/Advanced Visualisation solutions?