MTV Networks

Within the Camden facility are three live studios, transmission and edit suites. In addition to this, MTVNI host third party productions — from the BBC, Channel 4 etc — who also have access to the master control facilities.
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Video walls

Christie’s integrated, video wall display solutions give you the tools for monitoring, controlling or interacting with assets, activities and infrastructure.

Monitoring applications usually display a large amount of information that's shared by many users simultaneously. Users need to be able to easily see and work with that information – it has to be clear, reliable and precise, often meeting specific design and size requirements.

Whether they're displaying people, processes, assets or infrastructure, seamless video walls offer an unmatched way to quickly and effectively share the large amounts of information needed for monitoring and control.

Christie video wall monitoring solutions

Christie's seamless display solutions use rear-screen projection technology in the form of display cubes and video wall controllers for monitoring applications such as:

Video wall requirements

All video wall monitoring applications require similar performance and operation properties:

  • High performance – Christie's video wall display solutions are built with leading edge technologies, including DLP® technology and LED illumination, ensuring high reliability, excellent image reproduction and long life.
  • 24/7 reliability – Christie's Entero™ LED display cubes have a 60,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) and dust-sealed light engines to protect optical components. Christie's dual lamp line has quick failure correction with hot-swappable components for functional redundancy.
  • Purpose-built solutions for each customer's specific needs Christie provides system configurations and sizes that are tailored to each customer's specific design requirements. Most of Christie's display wall configurations have less than a 1mm seam between screens.
  • Versatility – With a range of UHP lamp-based and LED-based display cubes, the option of 1-chip or 3-chip DLP projection engines and customised display solutions, Christie offers the highest degree of versatility in the market.
  • Maintenance ease – With dust-sealed optics, 60,000 hour MTBF and no consumables to replace, Christie's LED-illuminated display cubes are virtually maintenance-free. 
  • Superior long-life performance – Our DLP display technology and LED illumination mean Christie's video wall display solutions have superior long-term performance and reliability.
  • Lowest cost of operation – Because there are no consumable components such as lamps, dust filters or colour wheels, Christie's zero-maintenance design has the lowest cost of operation.

Christie video wall display products are your visual solution for monitoring, controlling or interacting with information, allowing you to integrate and control all information sources and view them full scale, in real time.