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300W UHP Lamp | Christie - Audio Visual Solutions

This replacement 300W UHP (Ultra High Performance) is a metal halide lamp manufactured by Philips, provided to you by Christie.

This lamp is user replaceable (following Christie’s lamp replacement procedures located in the resources tab of this webpage or in the resources section of one of the projectors’ webpage listed below) and will last up to 1700 hours (full power mode) (typical). 

The benefits of using a UHP lamp in this Christie projector is that is allows for a smaller and lighter projector (because the power supply is smaller and lighter), a cooler running, quieter, and less expensive-to-operate projector (because of the lower wattage) and a longer lamp life (because the stresses on the lamp are reduced).



  • 300W UHP lamp
  • User-replaceable lamp
Lamp Life
  • 6000 hrs (eco relay mode); 3000 hrs (eco dual mode); 1700 hrs (full power mode)



Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.