Christie Digital Christie Digital
1.25-1.6 SX+/1.16-1.49:1 HD104-137101-XX

When used with Christie HD products, this zoom lens has a 1.16-1.49:1 throw ratio.  If used with any Christie  SXGA+ products, this lens provides a 1.25-1.6:1 throw ratio.

Please refer to the Christie Lens Calculator on this website or the downloadable PDF throw distance chart located in the resource tab of this lens option or the resource tab of Christie projector to be used with this lens.

HD Specifications

Throw Ratio 1.16-1.49:1
Vertical Offset ±102%
Horizontal Offset ±40%
Screen Width 76" - 504" (192cm - 1281cm) 
SXGA+ Specification

Throw Ratio 1.25-1.6:1
Vertical Offset ±73%
Horizontal Offset ±45%
Screen Width 83" - 619" (210cm - 1572cm) 

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.