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​Now you can set up professional quality, multiple-projector displays in minutes. Christie® AutoStack lets you stack projectors and blend projected images in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually. Christie AutoStack works with any Christie 3-chip DLP® projector that has Christie Twist.

This software-driven, camera-based system supports up to a 2x3 blended array of projectors that can be stacked for a total of 12 projectors. The system automatically aligns and blends with unsurpassed accuracy, in as little as two minutes per projector. Christie AutoStack is designed for use on a flat screen and supports various screen sizes and aspect ratios, using screen points for quick geometric calibration.

Add the optional AutoStack Curve module to Christie AutoStack 2.0 and you can just as easily project onto curved screens.

Christie AutoStack works in conjunction with Christie Twist to warp and blend the images on top of each other instead of relying on optical alignment. A simple user interface with preview capabilities guides users through the process.

Christie AutoStack makes it easy to use complex projector arrays in both rental staging and fixed install applications and achieves bright, professional, high-quality results with minimal experience required. Even regular maintenance of the blended displays can be automated, making complex projector arrays more accessible than ever before.

Read the recent FAQs​​​ for more information about Christie AutoStack. 

Get professional results in minutes, not hours.


Time to blend and stack a typical 2x2 configuration System auto-calibrates in as a little as two minutes per projector
User Interface Intuitive user interface with step-by-step process and real-time camera feedback
Projector Support Up to a 2x3 blended configuration which can then be stacked for a total of 12 projectors
AutoStack Curve module (optional) This optional software application is designed to support curve/cylindrical screens with a curvature of up to +/- 70 degrees
Camera and lens

Camera:  Ultra compact USB CCD camera (44mm x 41mm x 25.5) with ASA/ISO-compliant tripod adapter and CS-mount lens holder

Lens: Precalibrated 5mm focal length
Lens throw ratio approximately 1.1:1

Ships in rugged travel case Includes: camera, lens, 15’ USB cable and Christie AutoStack software
Requirements Christie Twist™ enabled, 3-chip DLP projectors
  Computer with AutoStack™ software connected to CCD camera by USB
  Network connection between computer and each video projector


Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.