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The Christie® CP4330-RGB pure laser cinema projector brings a premium movie-going experience to mainstream theatres. Featuring CineLife electronics and Real|Laser illumination, this compact, all-in-one DCI-compliant projector excels in image quality and operational lifetime while providing a low cost of ownership.

Image performance at its finest

With the Christie CP4330-RGB, you can offer customers a level of image quality unseen anywhere else. By combining 4K resolution, an expanded color gamut, high frame rate capabilities (HFR) and contrast ratios reaching 6000:1 far exceeding the DCI specification, the CP4330-RGB reveals a whole new depth of detail, setting a new benchmark for mainstream cinematic exhibition.

Long-lasting, stable light source

With Christie Real|Laser illumination, you benefit from more than 30,000 hours of optimal performance before dropping to 80% original brightness. For a typical theatre, this is more than 8 years of stable, uncompromised, virtually maintenance-free operation. Featuring an all-new patented sealed optical path, Christie RealLaser provides unmatched long-term stability and reliability. No other illumination technology compares.

Affordability, re-imagined

Once reserved for the larger box office returns of Premium Large Format theatres, RGB pure laser is now affordable and ready for prime time. Thanks to our expertise in thermal engineering and strategic development with suppliers of highly efficient, next-generation laser diodes, we’ve engineered a truly affordable direct-coupled RGB pure laser projector.

We eliminated the need for bulky and noisy external chillers, expensive fiber-coupling, and concerns about space when retrofitting an existing booth. The CP4330-RGB offers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class while delivering higher image quality and performance over any other illumination technology.

Key features

  • Long-lasting, high-performance light source – Christie Real|Laser illumination provides amazing color, extended contrast capabilities and over 30,000 hours of optimal brightness performance
  • The pinnacle of image quality – Expansive color gamut and contrast ratios up to 6,000:1 deliver unmatched presentation quality
  • Christie CineLife electronics – Streamlined UX-designed interface for simple playback, scheduling and management of cinema content
  • Future-proofed – High Frame Rate capable: 2K 120fps and 4K 48fps for native 4K 3D playback
  • Compact form factor – Fits seamlessly into existing booths for easy installation
  • Backwards compatibility – Fully-compatible with existing accessories including the Christie Rack Mount Pedestal and existing cinema lenses for additional cost savings



Nominal: up to 28,000 lumens (<25 C ambient)* | Expected lifetime: >30,000 hours to 80% brightness (<25 C ambient)

Contrast ratio

Up to 6000:1**

Color gamut / number of colors

>95% Rec 2020 coverage

Digital micromirror device

1.38" Enhanced 4K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®

DMD DLP Cinema®

4096 x 2160 (4K)


4K (4096 x 2160)

Processing electronics

  • Christie® CineLife™ Series-3 (Series-2 IMB compatible – specific models)***
  • HDMI v1.4a x2
  • 16-channel AES (RJ45 x2)
  • 2K120 / 4K48 fps (w/Christie IMB-S3)
  • Up to 4K120 upgradable
  • Built-in automation controller

Lens mount

  • Fully motorized Intelligent Lens System (ILS™)


  • 1.13-1.66
  • 1.31-1.85
  • 1.45-2.17
  • 1.63-2.71
  • 1.95-3.26
  • 2.71-3.89
  • 3.89-5.43
  • 4.98-7.69

Input line voltage

  • Single phase 220V

Power input requirements

  • Input A: 200-240 VAC @ 50-60Hz, 17A, 3300W (11,260 BTU/hr)
  • Input B (UPS input): 100-240 VAC @ 50/60Hz, 10A, 1000W


  • Liquid pressurized/TEC, self-contained
  • Heat extraction optional

Laser class

  • Class 1 – Risk Group 3


  • (LxWxH): 37.2 x 28 x 20.7" (944 x 711 x 525mm) without lens


  • 285lbs (130kg) without lens

*With existing high brightness cinema lens

**With new UHC lens suite

***Series-2 IMB model compatibility subject to change. Currently supports Dolby IMS3000, GDC SX-3000 / SX-4000

****Supports all conventional 3D systems except "color separation" based 3D (i.e. 6P)




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