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IMB Solution for CineLife projectors | 153-100102-XX
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*This product is no longer available.

The CineLife IMB solution is made up of the Christie® IMB-S3, a fully-integrated media block, and the Christie NAS-S3, a dedicated network attached storage device.

The Christie IMB-S3 converts and delivers packaged feature film content within a secure, DCI-compliant environment combined with a tightly integrated SMS through the projector UI for a seamless operational experience. The Christie NAS-S3 provides a dedicated, 8TB (upgradeable to 32TB) enterprise-grade storage solution in a slim (1RU) rack mountable enclosure.

With MPEG2 support, this solution gives you the freedom to display a larger variety of advertising or alternative content without adding additional hardware.

Why choose the Christie IMB Solution?

  • 2K HFR up to 120fps and 4K up to 48fps
  • Bit rates up to 500Mbps
  • Secure system design and DCI-compliant
  • Perfect for synchronization of up to 4 projection systems for large format applications
  • Provides seamless SMS integration with all Christie CineLife series projectors
  • Comes with Christie NAS-S3 (153-101103-01)4-bay enterprise grade storage with 8TB of space
  • Only one upgrade package needed for both the projector and IMB
  • Comes pre-configured out of the box. Plug and play for minimal setup.
  • Designed by Christie for our CineLife electronics platform



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