Airbus A350

8 Christie Roadster HD10K-M digital projectors give visitors an insight into the Airbus history books and the details on its future A350 wide-body jet.
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Design & Architecture

Utilize Christie high resolution 3D advanced visualization to view virtual prototypes for design or engineering reviews for insight, evaluation, improvements in design and quality and a reduction of both risk and cost in the design cycle. Utilizing high resolution 3D visualization to view a virtual design prototype for design or engineering reviews without physically creating a full scale mockup offers insight, evaluation, improvements in design and quality and a reduction of both risk and cost in the design cycle.

Christie advanced visualization creates environments where manufacturing, design and architecture teams can work or learn collaboratively and later review their own work for greater understanding and process or product improvement.

Increased team collaboration and data interactivity

Christie Mirage HD6 3D / Advanced Visualization Digital Projector Christie understands the unique needs and requirements of manufacturing, design and architecture – innovative technology and scale and resolution performance.  Christie’s 3D advanced visualization display solutions can create an environment where teams can work or learn collaboratively, and later review those collaborations for greater understanding.

Visualization reduces cost of operation, minimizes risk and enhances understanding

Our standard offerings and customizable solutions minimize the initial and lifetime costs of your visualization display solution.  Christie integrated advanced visualization solutions enable our design review teams to immerse them in and interact with their data for enhanced understanding, increased team collaboration and reduced risk and costs.

The most advanced, functional and intuitive visualization display solutions

As your partner in 3D/Advanced Visualization, our world-class sales engineers, project managers, design and mechanical engineers and integration experts work together to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive display solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Discover how Christie’s advanced visualization solutions can assist you to reduce costs of operation, minimize your risk and enhance understanding.