Visualization solutions

Simulation and visualization are the main pillars of the University of Kassel’s digital factory, and thanks to Christie and partner 3Dims GmbH of Frankfurt, the division has an advanced new 3D visualization system.

3D / Advanced Visualization Applications

Christie is a world leader in integrated spatially immersive displays. With Christie’s 3D/Advanced Visualization display solutions you can transform understanding through immersion (scale), stereoscopy (depth perception), and interactivity (tracking) for a broad range of commercial and research interests. With reduced costs in computing and improvements in translational software integrated spatially immersive displays provide a giant leap in understanding and communication value.

Christie has the innovation, breadth of technologies, engineering strength and the integration expertise to offer turnkey solutions and complete customized solutions. Christie listens and evaluates your needs and goals to solve specific application challenges.Our advanced visualization solutions minimize your initial costs and reduce the overall lifetime costs of your advanced visualization display.

Christie integrated 3D/Advanced Visualization solutions provide high-performance visual display solutions for 3D/Virtual Reality applications, advanced visualization and computer modeling in the following applications:

Providing unparalled perspectives with 3D imaging

Christie J Series 3D Digital ProjectorProviding perspectives that are completely unparalleled, advanced visualization systems are the defining result of an intricate process that includes the meticulously detailed integration and configuration of a multitude of complex hardware components including some of the most powerful computers in the world, next-generation display systems and application-specific software with the ever-changing influence of human factors.  The result is total data accessibility and interaction in a display format that provides a feeling of becoming one with the application.  An immersive experience that not only changes the way people approach their workflow processes… but changes the way they think.

Christie display solutions can be found in many of today’s leading industrial companies, government departments and agencies and education institutions.  These leading organizations rely on Christie for our innovative approach to developing purpose-built, reliable and efficient solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements.  And once integrated, you can expect consistent, repeat performance without worry as Christie’s high product reliability enables extensive, consistent use with minimal downtime tolerance.