Weill Cornell Medical College

Christie's 3D immersive technology at Weill Cornell Medical College enables visionary breakthroughs in biomedical research. Using a four surface immersive environment including a walk-on floor gives Weill Cornell Superior 3D images for scientific research including molecular modeling, MRI and confocal reconstructions and gene network modeling.
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Government & Infrastructure

Christie’s integrated 3D / Advanced Visualization solutions provides enhanced visualization that reduces cost of operation, minimizes risk and enhances understanding within governmental infrastructure applications. Utilizing advanced visualization technology, local, regional, and national government agencies can see more clearly across the entire enterprise. Government agencies can improve visibility for intelligent decision making.

​​3D visualization helps to enable interoperability and serves a broad range of needs, from public safety preparedness to land and road information management and much more. 3D visualization is valuable in the planning and permitting stages of new or existing infrastructure projects. 

Visualization reduces cost of operation, minimizes risk and enhances understanding

Christie’s advanced visualization display solutions can create an environment where teams can work or learn collaboratively, and later review those collaborations for greater understanding.

Increased team collaboration and data interactivity

Our standard offerings and customizable solutions minimize the initial and lifetime costs of your visualization display solution.  Christie integrated 3D advanced visualization solutions enable our government customers to immerse them in and interact with their data for enhanced understanding, increased team collaboration and reduced risk and costs.

The most advanced, functional and intuitive visualization display solutions

As your partner in 3D / Advanced Visualization, our world-class sales engineers, project managers, design and mechanical engineers and integration experts work together to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive display solutions.

Christie understands the unique needs and requirements in government and infrastructure – performance and cost of ownership.  Based on successful installations around the world, Christie has a proven ISO-certified process in place to take you and your project from inception to completion on schedule and on budget with proven technical reliability.
Discover how Christie’s advanced visualization solutions can assist you to reduce costs of operation, minimize your risk and enhance understanding.