Custom Visualization Projection Solutions

From concept to “virtual” reality… Christie provides innovative visualization solutions.

​​​​The complexity of visualization applications pose a variety of display and image challenges. As one of the industry’s original technology providers, Christie® understands the problems our customers face and we’ve developed solutions to resolve these issues.

Featuring revolutionary, innovative display technology and world-class integration expertise, Christie offers the most advanced and intuitive immersive display solutions.

Creating unique virtual environments

Christie virtual environments are the next best thing to being there. Some of our custom solutions include:

  • Christie CAVE™: a customized, room-size advanced visualization solution that allows multiple users to share the same experience. Users become fully immersed in the same virtual environment at the same time – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.
  • Christie Holostage™: a customized, three sided, visualization solution that creates a completely contained, realistic, life size virtual environment. With two walls and a floor, the HoloStage allows for true integration of learning and teamwork in a collaborative environment.

With Christie visualization solutions you can produce images in any size or shape, front or rear projected, spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screen, from small screens to large-scale dome configurations.

We’ll work with your team to create a complete solution that is right for your project and budget needs. Custom packages combine our renowned 3DLP®, high-resolution, stereoscopic projection featuring Xenon™ illumination, dual P-VIP® lamp illumination or LED illumination, with motion tracking, interaction capabilities and real-time 3D computer graphics.

Today’s leading organizations trust Christie to provide the right solutions for their “virtual reality” environments and visualization needs.