Christie AccuFrame

Christie AccuFrame

Accurately display high speed simulation content for the most true-to-life displays

​Developed specifically to address the simulation market, Christie® AccuFrame™ enables the removal of any perceived “double imaging” of content due to image frame perception in the eye.

An industry first with accurate frame display for NON-CRT projectors, Christie AccuFrame has been able to nullify the artifact to the eye of smearing or double image perception for use in fast simulation applications and is fully adjustable to support various frame rates and environments. It has been tested against other types of projection systems in daylight and night time simulation where speed and accuracy are key.

The unique advanced electronics in our 3DLP® Matrix projector comes standard with AccuFrame to accurately display high speed simulation content for the most true-to-life displays.

Christie AccuFrame Pro

Christie AccuFrame Pro is an advanced smear reduction technology designed for simulator visual systems. Optimizing the scene at the pixel level based on content intensity, AccuFrame Pro dramatically improves the dynamic resolution of moving images while maintaining brightness without affecting color or adding latency.

Training tasks benefit from the increased dynamic resolution and moving images appear sharper even when they are in peripheral fields of view. With the perception of motion increased, the viewer’s sense of realism is enhanced.

Christie AccuFrame Pro is an optional upgrade.