Visualization solutions

Simulation and visualization are the main pillars of the University of Kassel’s digital factory, and thanks to Christie and partner 3Dims GmbH of Frankfurt, the division has an advanced new 3D visualization system.

Quad HD LCD panels

High-resolution displays for high-performance data visualization.

With unmatched resolution and performance capabilities, Christie® Quad HD LCD panels provide an optimal solution for today's demanding data monitoring and visualization applications.

Christie QuadHD84

Performance, power and flexibility in a discrete design

Available in an impressive 84" format, these powerhouse displays are an easy-to-use and integrate solution for professional 4K LED LCD applications. No matter the environment, wall mounted or free-standing, users can quickly connect sources for a stunning 8.2Mpx of display area.

Christie QuadHD84 Using four times as many pixels as a standard 1080p HD screen for true 3840 x 2160 resolution, the Christie QuadHD84 LCD flat panel delivers richly detailed, high-resolution content with pristine image clarity. Combining ultra high-definition with super-fast 60Hz processing ensures have the performance for accurate monitoring and decision-making.

Christie’s Quad HD LCD panels – affordable, easy to use, ultra high-definition for your professional visualization display applications.