Standard Projection Solutions

Quicker, easier 3D-technology integration! It’s yours with Christie standardized visualization solutions.

Pre-configured solutions

Christie’s standardized visualization packages are completely turnkey solutions that are economical, compact and easily deployed. These solutions feature our 3-chip DLP® high-resolution stereoscopic projection combined with motion tracking, interaction capabilities, and real-time 3D computer graphics for a truly immersive experience. 

Lightweight for quick installation yet rigid for structural integrity, Christie’s standard projection solutions include projection displays, screens, tracking and interaction technology in one all-inclusive package. Because of their compact footprint, these projection solutions can be installed in small environments and are designed for fast and easy set up.

Christie's 3D advanced visualization display solutions transform the learning process through immersion, stereoscopy and interactivity. In addition to our customized solutions, we offer three standard, turnkey visualization packages:

  1. Christie CAVE™ - 4:3 aspect ratio
  2. Christie CAVE™ - high resolution, compact 1:1 aspect ratio
  3. Christie HoloStage® Mini - 16:10 aspect ratio

Christie's 3D Advanced Visualization CAVE at the Communitech Hub 

A Christie CAVE™ is a compact, room-sized advanced visualization solution. These virtual environments are the next best thing to being there. A Christie CAVE allows users to share the same experience – becoming fully immersed in the same virtual environment at the same time - enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.

A Christie HoloStage® Mini is an advanced visualization solution that creates a realistic virtual environment. Its two projection planes display an impressive 4.6 megapixel, 1920 x 1200 per facet resolution, allowing users to immerse themselves in their environment in a copact space.




Christie CAVE™/Christie HoloStage® Mini Brochure


Each of the Christie CAVEs and the Christie HoloStage Mini packages feature the Christie Mirage M Series projectors  that include two high-performance, full bandwidth 330 MHz Dual-link DVI-D inputs per projector. These inputs let you display a frame-locked passive stereo source for high-performance active stereo at 120Hz without needing a passive-to-active converter.

Count on Christie for highly efficient, high-performance 3D and advanced visualization solutions that create realistic, immersive environments to bring your concepts to a virtual reality.