Christie CAVE™ - room-sized spatially immersive environment

Economical, standardized footprint and easily deployed for quick integration of a completely immersive environment with a large field of view.

The Christie CAVE™ is a compact, standard room-sized advanced visualization solution that combines our renowned 3-chip DLP® high-resolution stereoscopic projection with motion tracking, interaction capabilities and real-time 3D computer graphics. This complete turnkey solution creates a large field of view for enhanced teamwork, discovery and quicker, more accurate decision-making.  Offering active stereo projection for advanced 3D performance with reduced overall operational costs, the Christie CAVE delivers high efficiency, high-performance 3D visualization with low maintenance and a low cost of ownership. 

Christie's 3D Advanced Visualization CAVE at the Communitech Hub 

Christie's years of system design and integration experience of spatially immersive displays, our breadth of technologies  and engineering strength make best-in-class  visualization easily accessible with turnkey solutions that deliver the best quality and highest performance in a cost-effective package.

Christie CAVE(TM) - 4:3 aspect ratio

Christie CAVE(TM) - high resolution, compact 1:1 apsect ratio

Available as a standard four-sided 8' x 8' configuration with a 4:3 aspect ratio or a high-resolution 8-channel, 8' x 10'6" configuration, both Christie CAVEs offer a complete visualization system.  The compact footprint allows our visualization technology to be deployed in constrained environments and the optimized solutions makes implementation rapid. Lightweight for quick installation yet rigid for structural integrity, the design incorporates projection displays, screens, tracking and interaction technology in one all-inclusive package.

Christie's 3D Advanced Visualization CAVE at the Communitech Hub 


The native 120Hz refresh rate along with brightness, versatility and reliability lets you focus on your data. The 8-channel CAVE design offers a 1:1 aspect ratio with even greater resolution and fidelity - data sets can be experienced life-size. 

The Christie CAVE offers high-performance visualization with resolution up to 1920 x 1920 per facet. With support for active or passive computer sources, your data display is crisp and detailed, with excellent color and brightness uniformity and the ultimate control capability.

The Christie M​irage M Series 3D active stereo projection technology is featured in the each of standard packages.  The expanded Series of six models offer a wide spectrum of choice for high-performance 3D displays to meet advanced visualizations needs.  Built on the award-winning Christie M Series platform, the projectors come in SXGA+, HD and WUXGA model variants and offer dual image processing power at full 120Hz active stereo, also with built-in backwards compatibility to replace stacked passive 3D display solutions. 

Christie CAVE™/
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