Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We’ll create an installation plan that’s perfect for you, your site and your goals

​​Christie® understands that each customer has unique business challenges and needs. Our proven installation process is based on years of successful installations around the world. We use ISO-certified project management practices – from engineering services to installation, integration and complete training and support. We’ll take your project from inception to completion - on schedule, on budget and with proven reliability.

Choose from these Christie services:

Consulting: We can help you define requirements, evaluate system considerations, and plan your installation. Learn more about our consulting services.

Feasibility: Once we know the scope of your visual display installation, we’ll give you recommendations for the most cost-effective, functional system to meet your specific needs.

System design: We provide high-performance, “real world” visual display solutions. Our visualization products meet the most demanding specifications, including geometry, image blending and warping, and resolution.

Critical success factors: We’ll work with you to determine what about your visual display matters most to you – factor such as resolution, brightness and contrast within the design.

Vendor selection criteria: We’ll work with you to identify key success criteria for components within your system, such as the screen, software, tracking and computer hardware, which helps you choose a vendor.

Project management: Our project managers will oversee the details of creating and installing your visual display solution efficiently, on-budget and without worry. We’ll take care of everything - design, procurement, factory testing, shipping and installation. You get an easy transition from concept to completion.

Design: We’ll work with architects and mechanical engineers, to define space requirements, HVAC and electrical requirements that may create challenges. We follow up with a critical design review to ensure that it meets project goals.

Factory integration testing: Projects are regularly staged in our factory. Doing this allows for integration testing, which reduces risk during installation and unforeseen delays in the field.

Factory preview/FAT: A FAT is based on specific test procedures that are developed with you to show that your critical performance requirements have been achieved.

Installation: From initial site survey to final installation, our expert application engineers provide you with complete confidence that your system will be installed and integrated quickly, efficiently and will be 100% operational.

Training and technical support: Christie training and support helps ensure you and your staff hit the ground running. If an issue comes up when your system is running, our phone support network is available to resolve the issue quickly.

Remote monitoring: The Christie Network Operations Center (NOC) is a US-based service network with a 24/7 service desk for technical support that provides remote monitoring services to track, update and manage your display systems and keep them running.

Critical inventory logistics: Our network ensures that we always have the right parts in the right place at the right time to meet your needs.

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