Consulting services

We’ll create an installation plan that’s perfect for you, your site and your goals.

​Christie® understands your unique business challenges and needs. Our pre-sales consultations are geared towards uncovering potential challenges and creating an installation plan that’s right for your site and aligned to your goals.

Developing the plan

We’ll assess workflow requirements and system considerations. With the help of architects, we’ll determine how to integrate your new visual display solution into your facility. Using needs analysis and user case studies, we’ll integrate your new visual display system with your existing systems.

Trust the experts

Christie’s proven installation process is based on years of successful installations around the world. We use ISO-certified project management practices – from design to installation, offering complete training and support.

Trust Christie’s engineering consulting services team to take your project from inception to completion - on schedule, on budget and with proven reliability.

Taking the next step

Contact us for more information on how our consulting teams can help you.