Visualization solutions

Visualization solutions

Change the way you think, work and learn with immersive visualization experiences

​​​​Imagine taking 2D MRI images and reconstructing them into 3D renderings of the brain. Imagine your team being able to interact with a prototype of a car before it’s built. Imagine visualizing the design of a construction project before breaking ground.

With Christie’s immersive technology, you can visualize and interact with your data in ways you may not have thought possible. You can immerse yourself in the virtual reality of a multi-sensory experience or alter your perception of what’s real and what’s not with augmented reality.

Choose your virtual reality

Christie’s solutions allow you to scale your project to achieve high resolution images across almost any surface or help immerse you in an environment through virtual or augmented reality through.

With our standard and customized solutions, Christie® can support the most stringent requirements for creating immersive virtual environments.

Customized, spatially-integrated immersive displays

Christie® understands the challenges faced by our customers. Working with your team, our industry-leading experts can match our technology to your project needs, creating a solution of any size or resolution to meet your design goals. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Some of the customized solutions we offer are:

  • Christie CAVE™, a room-sized custom visualization solution, allowing multiple users to share in the same experience simultaneously – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.
  • Christie Holostage®, a three-sided, visualization solution that creates a completely contained, realistic, life-size virtual environment.
  • Christie curved immersive displays which create life-life virtual environments with spherical or cylindrical curved displays, including dome projections, for seamlessly warped and blended high-resolution visualization in 2D or 3D.
  • Large high-resolution powerwall displays which enable group collaboration through visualization. Christie’s customized powerwalls can provide integrated visualization displays that use powerful 4K DLP® projection at 120Hz or deliver an integrated arrayed solution that goes beyond single projector limitations for stable, reliable and powerful 2D and 3D displays

Standard visualization solutions

When you’re looking for a solution with quick installation and a compact footprint, our standard solutions offer the high-resolution, 3D technology you need. Our standard solutions include:

  • Standard Christie CAVE, which offers a compact, room-sized visualization solution that creates a large field of view for enhanced teamwork, discovery and quicker, more accurate decision-making.
  • Christie HoloStage Mini which creates a realistic virtual environment while keeping costs low and space requirements in check.
  • Christie HoloStation®, a high-performance, low-profile personal immersive visualization solution that puts 16.8 megapixels at your disposal for all the image fidelity of a full-size CAVE.

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