3D Visualization Markets & Application

Teesside University renewed its long association with Antycip Simulation Ltd, who specified four Christie Mirage S+6K mission-critical stereoscopic projectors within an integrated Antycip Yview customizable CAVE™-like virtual reality system.

3D / visualization markets

Share, learn, explore, communicate – 3D visualization opens doors to new ways of thinking.

As a leader in visualization technology, Christie® offers 3D visualization, virtual-reality applications and computer modeling for markets such as:

Christie display solutions are in many of today’s leading industrial companies, government organizations and education institutions that count on Christie for reliable and efficient solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

What 3D visualization offers

Visualization systems create a feeling of “becoming one with the application." It’s this immersive experience that changes the way people explore and discover possibilities.


Create your virtual reality

  • Immersion (scale)
  • Stereoscopy (depth perception)
  • Interactivity (tracking)

Produce life-like visualizations on a variety of surfaces

  • Any size or shape
  • Front or rear projected
  • Spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screen
  • Compatible with small screens to large-scale dome configurations

Benefits of visualization

  • Accelerated understanding
  • Faster, more accurate decision-making
  • Faster, more intuitive interaction with data
  • Better collaboration and focus on collective strengths
  • Reduced development time
  • Reduced injuries, training costs and improved staff knowledge

Integrated 3D visualization solutions

Christie provides the best, sustainable systems - all optimized for performance based on our Christie Mirage Series of projectors. The Christie Mirage Series features:

  • The first and only 4K DLP® projector at 120Hz performance
  • Christie leading-edge technology - 3DLP®, high-resolution, stereoscopic projection featuring Xenon illumination, dual P-VIP® Osram lamp i​llumination, or 1DLP® LED illumination
  • Refresh rates of 120Hz
  • Motion tracking and interactivity capabilities
  • Real-time 3D computer graphics in a complete turnkey solution
  • Image processing and flexible source management with the Vista Spyder or Spyder X20 with 2D/3D high-performance functionality
  • Easy set up and simple display maintenance through Christie’s system integration tools – Christie Twist, Christie AutoCal, Christie MotoBlend
  • Industry-leading warranties, service and support

Customized, spatially-integrated immersive displays

  • A Christie CAVE is a customized, room-size visualization solution, allowing multiple users to share in the same experience simultaneously – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making
  • A Christie Holostage® is a customized, three-sided, visualization solution that creates a completely contained, realistic, life-size virtual environment
  • Christie curved immersive displays are spherical or cylindrical displays, front or rear-projected and seamlessly warped and blended, producing high-resolution, high-performance visualization in 2D or 3D
  • Large high-resolution powerwall displays - For group collaboration through visualization, Christie’s can provide integrated visualization displays that use powerful 4K DLP® projection at 120Hz or we can deliver an integrated arrayed solution that goes beyond single projector limitations for stable, reliable, and powerful 2D and 3D displays

Standard visualization solutions

  • A standard Christie CAVE is a compact, room-sized visualization solution
  • Christie HoloStage Mini creates a realistic virtual environment within a compact footprint
  • Christie HoloStation® is a personal immersive visualization solution that puts 16.8 megapixels at your disposal for all the image fidelity of a full-size CAVE, in a more compact, easy-to-deploy footprint

Full service support

Our experts can help you with every step of your visualization project. Use our comprehensive services to help you design, integrate and install your 3D/visualization solution. Christie solutions are backed by industry-leading technical support, including a suite of service offerings such as next-day parts delivery, repair and replacement, 24/7 remote display monitoring, reporting, software upgrades and troubleshooting through the Christie Network Operation Center.

Taking the next step

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