Visualization for energy

Marathon Oil Corporation’s state-of-the-art visualization center, the Visionarium, combines the power of the Mirage HD6 stereoscopic projectors with the Vista Spyder. Read more.

Visualization for the energy market

3D data visualization displays improve accuracy and reduce cost and risk.

3D visualization is important to the continued success and efficiency of many areas of the energy market. Christie’s data visualization displays can improve accuracy and create a better understanding of spatial relationships. In exploration and production, visualization has a critical role in providing insight from data.

With Christie® you can expect:

What visualization for the energy industry offers

  • lets you share complex data and processes
  • promotes comprehensive, intuitive and contextual understanding
  • lets users and teams immerse themselves in a new environment
  • lets users and teams interact with data
  • increases team collaboration, and
  • creates virtual environments to test procedures and processes

Christie’s visualization solutions for the energy industry

Christie 3D /visualization solutions offer limitless possibilities. You can produce images

  • in any size or shape,
  • front or rear projected,
  • spherical, 
  • cylindrical,
  • conic or flat screen,
  • from small screens to large-scale dome configurations. 

Spatially-integrated immersive displays

Christie has a selection of preconfigured, standard display options for creating immersive virtual environments:

We understand that each project is unique. We can handle even the most stringent requirements with custom displays in CAVE, HoloStage and spherical formats.


Our experts can help you with every step of your visualization project. Use our comprehensive services to help you design, integratge and install your 3D/visualization solution. Christie solutions are backed by industry-leading technical support.

Taking the next step

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