Automotive visualization

Driving design and sales through visualization

​​​​​​​​From the design process to the showroom floor, Christie® can provide a visualization solution that allows you to focus on what your customer needs.

Virtual Design

Unleash your team’s imagination as they immerse themselves in the design process. Virtual environments are an important tool for engineers, giving them the ability to move beyond paper and physical models to visualize design concepts. Being able to explore styling, gaps, safety, finishes and more, years before a prototype is built, unleashes creative freedom and saves you time and money.


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Visualizing the showroom

Visualization solutions are able to change the showroom experience for your customers. By combining 3D modeling with advanced projection, purchasing a new car can be an interactive experience.

Customers can try out colors and customizations within different environments, giving them confidence in their purchase decisions.

Test drive visualization

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