Visualization for education and medical training

Redefine how you teach, share and collaborate

​​​​​​​As technology intersects with research across disciplines, visualization is becoming a requirement for both students and researchers. It’s helping to redefine how you think about data and learning.


Visualizing Research

Rendering data sets in a 3D environment not only lets you see the big picture, but it allows you to teach, share and collaborate as you explore data. Visualization brings researchers together where real collaboration and innovation naturally occur, encouraging cross-disciplinary interaction.


The ability to combine data and see it at all angles opens up the possibilities for research. You’re able to envision things you simply can’t any other way. Instead of relying on 2D data that may not lead to conclusions, you can get the big picture by seeing how data is interconnected and allowing researchers to explore and manipulate their data.

Download a case study from Weill Cornell Medical College to see how researchers there are making breakthroughs in biomedical research.

Immersive Learning

Students are more likely to recall instruction when it’s based in hands-on learning. Visualization-enhanced learning offers opportunities to move coursework off the page and into an immersive environment.

Whether it’s the sciences or humanities, the possibilities for how visualization can change learning are only limited by your imagination. A CAVE environment can become a learning environment that allows for a collaboration that has animation students designing the hospital room that brings nursing students to the bedside, theatre students are able to transport audiences through immersive set design and learn about infrastructure design as students visualize how new roads affect traffic patterns.


Download a case study to see how a visualization lab at Marquette University has gone beyond being a tool for engineering students to an essential part of learning across facilities.

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