Immersive Entertainment

Experience the wonders of immersive entertainment

​Fly over cities or dive under the ocean. Enter fantastical worlds only seen in the movies. From design to opening day to decades of year round operation, Christie® 3D solutions can help you delight both first time guests and repeat visitors with awe-inspiring immersive experiences.

Unlock the wonders of immersive entertainment

With visually-immersive experiences, it’s more than what guests see, it’s what ignites their senses and draws them in. Dark rides can take guests to new worlds, making them feel like they’re part of the action, while spectacular multimedia shows are awe-inspiring experiences.

With high frame rates of 120fps, our 3D projectors help guests experience fast action that’s more realistic, more punchy, more visceral. It also reduces motion sickness on rides by minimizing latency. Because of this, high frame rates are key to engaging guests with realistic moving objects and making experiences even better.

Museums of the Future

Open up new worlds for visitors as they explore everything from the ocean floor to the far reaches of the universe in 3D.

Visitors are able to enter a new world of imagery when you use the full potential of 3D projection in your space. They can explore the human body, layer by layer. Take them back in time to visit ancient cities. Or visit the surface of the sun.


From small screens to large domes, Christie solutions can help you create the museum of the future.

Behind the scenes

When guests don’t know or understand how the magic happens, you know everything is working as it should. Not only can Christie help you create those experiences, but we can help you design them from the ground up. With our visualization solutions and Mystique Design in your toolkit, you can use immersive environments to visually mock up guest experiences. Design teams are able to collaborate and make decisions, which not only leads to well-designed attractions, but also helps your work flow.

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