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​​​​​​​​There’s only so much that can be understood through theory. With Christie’s high-resolution scientific visualization solutions, you can change the way you think, learn and work.

Visualizing Research

Create an easier, natural way to interact with complex data from MRIs or CAT scans. Immerse yourself in the virtual reality of a complex organism. Study intricate geoscience and geographic imaging data to understand earthquakes. With Christie® solutions, you’re able to take the most complicated data and visualize it like never before.


Download a case study from York University to see how researchers are using the Christie® EGG solution to understand how visual stimuli influence a person’s interactions with the world around them.

Collaborative Research

There’s no substitute for being able to present information in ways that create new opportunities to work collaboratively and interact with data. Visualization makes it possible to share findings, prompt deeper discussions, and generate new ideas.


Find out how Christie visualization solutions inspire interactive and collaborative disaster management research at Tohoku University​.

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