Visualization for transportation

The Jiao Tong University has Christie’s first rear-projected, curved screen, 3D advanced visualization solution installed in China.


Visualization for training and transportation

Work or learn collaboratively without the risks and costs

There are times when training for real life scenarios is risky, expensive – or may not be an option. With Christie®, we can create advanced visualization solutions that reduce risks and costs while putting you into an immersive environment.

For students of marine studies and engineering at Jiao Tong University, ocean engineering and training is environmentally dependent. By creating a virtual reality training lab, students are able to get out of their books for “hands on” training by simulating the maritime environments they need to experience.


At Mines Rescue NSW, a 360-degree immersive environment exposes trainees to real life scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. By giving them the best possible mine imagery, they can deliver the highest quality training, along with outcomes that could save lives.


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At Christie, we’re able to understand the visualization challenges you face and work with you to create a solution for an environment that will help educate and train without the added risks or costs.

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