Standard Solutions

Standard visualization solutions

From concept to virtual reality... Christie can take you there.

​Christie’s visualization solutions have the power and flexibility to produce images of any size or resolution to meet your design goals. With our advanced and intuitive immersive display solutions, you have the option of choosing a standard solution to meet your requirements.

Standard visualization solutions offer:

  • Faster, easier 3D technology integration
  • The most true-to-life visualizations with Christie® 3DLP® high-resolution, stereoscopic projection
  • Smooth, comfortable viewing in 3D with high refresh rates at 120HzFaster, more intuitive interaction with data with motion tracking and interactivity capabilities
  • Compatibility with real-time 3D computer graphics
  • Ultra-high resolution in a compact footprint 
  • ​Simple, immediate access to technology with turnkey solutions
  • Industry-leading warranties, service and support provides consistent, reliable technology without worry.

Standard Solutions

A standard Christie CAVE™ is a compact, room-sized visualization solution, allowing multiple users to share in the same experience simultaneously – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.

Christie HoloStage® Mini creates a realistic virtual environment with minimal space. Its two projection planes display an impressive 4.6 megapixel, 1920 x 1200 per facet resolution, allowing users to immerse themselves in their environment within a compact space.

Christie HoloStation® is a personal immersive visualization solution that puts 16.8 megapixels at your disposal for all the image fidelity of a full-size CAVE, in a more compact, easy-to-deploy footprint.

Our standard, turnkey visualization packages include:

  • Either Christie Mirage J Series or M Series projectors
  • Two high-performance, full-bandwidth 330 MHz Dual-link DVI-D inputs per projector
  • Built-in conversion for frame-locked passive stereo sources to high-performance active stereo at 120Hz without needing a separate passive-to-active converter

Full service support

Our experts can help you with every step of your project using our comprehensive services to help you design, integrate and install visualization solution.

All Christie solutions are backed by industry-leading technical support, including a suite of service offerings such as next-day parts delivery, repair and replacement, 24/7 remote display monitoring, reporting, software upgrades and troubleshooting through the Christie Network Operation Center.

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